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Pristine Pediatric Dentistry

Soothing Atmopshere

A visit to the dentist may be stressful for any child, but our team of professionals implement a gentle & soft approach that children love.

Safe Environment

At Pristine Pediatric Dentistry, we take equipment hygiene and child safety very seriously. Your child is our number one priority which is why we implement safety protocols.

Caring Staff

When you visit Pristine Pediatric Dentistry you aren't just visiting the dentist, your're visiting family. Our staff care deeply for you and your young ones.

Welcome to
Pristine Pediatric Dentistry

Our practice focuses solely on ensuring that you and your child are given the very best care. Each set of teeth are different, but our practice handles every case with the same level of expertise, care and commitment to get your child the best results possible. Dr. Leona and Dr. Pamela are experts in their field and what sets them apart from other dentists is their gentle and soothing approach to kids.

Our Pediatric Services are

From the front office to the exam room, our practice is made up of professionals who take oral health very seriously. Using state-of-the-art-equipment designed with safety and efficiency in mind, we are able to offer top-notch care. As you walk through our office, you will notice that everything is clean, comfortable and thoroughly sterilized. Your safety and comfort are our priority.

Tooth Brushing

Once your child’s teeth begin erupting, you can begin cleaning them by wiping them with a moist washcloth. As your child gets more teeth, you can begin to use a soft child’s toothbrush.

Cavity Prevention

Limiting sugar intake and brushing regularly, of course, can help. The longer it takes your child to chew their food, the longer the residue stays on their teeth increasing the chances of cavities.

Filling & Restoration

Fillings are special materials that your dentist places in or on your teeth to repair tooth decay (cavities) or defects on the tooth surface. Fillings are also called restorations.

Tooth Extractions

Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired.

Tooth Decay

Several specific types of bacteria that live on the teeth cause decay. When sugar is consumed, the bacteria use the sugar and then manufacture acids that dissolve the teeth, cause infection, i.e decay.

Types of Bites

Crossbite can occur in the front and/or the sides of the mouth: One or more upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth. This can occur with a single tooth or multiple teeth. Early correction of crossbite is recommended.

The Solea Laser

Solea Laser

Pristine Pediatric Dentistry are proud to annouce that we offer patients the Solea® Laser which is a breakthrough technology that enables virtually every cavity prep to be performed anesthesia-free, delivering a dental experience patients prefer. Solea also enables soft tissue procedures that are blood-free and suture-free with minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

Benefits of the Solea Laser

No Needles or Drills

By eliminating the primary causes of patient anxiety (the needle and the drill), Solea delivers a dental experience patients prefer. When needles, numbness, and the sound of the drill, and the pain are all removed patients are at ease and relaxed.

Better Outcomes

Solea also provides a bactericidal effect because laser energy kills all bacteria with which it comes in contact. For soft and osseous tissue, Solea enables precise control and is both atraumatic and virtually blood-free, allowing you to deliver better outcomes than you could deliver using traditional instruments.

No Need for Anesthesia

Thanks to the use of the Solea Laser anesthesia is a thing of the past. We want patients to feel comfortable when they come in for procedures and the Solea Laser does this without all the use of drills and needles. Your comfort and safety are of our greatest concern.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Your child is of the utmost importance to us at Pristine Pediatric Dentistry. We strive to provide all of our patients with the very best care we can offer. Dr. Leona and Dr. Pamela both are wonderful with children and apply a soft gentle approach to ensure maximum comfort for your child.

Meet Our Doctors

There is a reason that people rave about Pristine Pediatric Dentistry and that is because our doctors, Dr. Leona and Dr. Pamela give it their absolute best when it comes to patient care and safety!

dr leona kotlyar

Dr. Leona Kotlyar

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Dr. Pamela Vainer

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